Monday, July 19, 2010

Way... Way Out!

The Moon Station was designed for a 20th Century-Fox Jerry Lewis comedy co-starring Connie Stevens. In the film the newlywed couple is sent to the moon to watch the Earth’s weather and get to know each other all at the same time. Soon after production ended Irwin Allen found use for the various parts of the station in his television series Lost in Space.

The SketchUp illustration was created using studio drawings for the details. Sadly, drawings were not available illustrating the exact positioning of the various modules. In SketchUp the modules were overlaid onto photographs at various angles in order to estimate the module orientation.

This second view shows the US Moon Station with the space rocket, that brought the couple to the moon, landed.

This SketchUp model was updated to include an illustration of the hanging miniature, in-camera effect, used in the film. Various view of the hanging miniature process will follow.

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