Friday, July 16, 2010

The Brady Bunch

I had provided some free consultation for an episode of “The X-Files” where a re-creation of the Brady Bunch living room, stair hall and kitchen appeared. When Old Navy decided to run an ad campaign using re-creations of the Brady Bunch stair hall and backyard I was again contacted. My only real work was research, but it is because of my well-known reputation as an expert in mid-century film and television set design and scenery that I was contacted.
Later I again provided consultation for a re-creation of the Brady Bunch stair hall for the Los Angeles County Fair. The Fair traditionally hosts an exhibit of living rooms created by local designers to showcase both their talent and the wares of local retailers. In recent years this exhibit experienced declining attendance so the Fair decided to add some pop-culture into the exhibit.
Due to square footage constraints it was determined that the entire Brady Bunch living room and stair hall could not be re-created. Because of its iconic recognition the stair hall would provide the best photo opportunity. The result was that the Fair’s living room exhibit had a great upswing in attendance and the Brady Bunch stair proved to be a great draw as evidenced from its long queue. The guests came for the pop-culture and then stayed on to see the rest.
The photo is from the Old Navy set.


  1. Hi Robert. My name is Scott, and I am in awe of what you have done to masterfully recreate these iconic TV spaces- especially the Brady Bunch stair hall. Since 2006, I've been maintaining a flickr page dedicated to both the SET of the Brady Bunch, as well as the actual house which sits in the San Fernando Valley. I'm very interested in set design, and would love for you to take a look at some of the works I've re-created. Currently, I'm in the midst of transferring my Brady renderings to if you would care to take a look at those as well.
    Best to you.

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  3. I have always loved the Brady Bunch set/house. You did a great job recreating it. I have always wondered about some of thge art displauyed in tyhe house. Do you know the name of the artist of the painting behind the stairs?