Friday, July 2, 2010

Technical Illustrations

At Disneyland International my main job was supposed to be technical illustrations for training manuals. Most of those illustrations involved plan views of the attraction, or control panels. For plan views there was an overall orientation plan but there were also separate plans for the evacuation route and another for emergency equipment.

In my time at Disneyland International I never finished all of the illustrations that would have been needed for all of the attraction currently in operation. Nevertheless, I ended up completing an inventory large enough that I can’t count.

The fun part of the job was usually the attraction vehicles. Here is an example of the Peter Pan pirate ship ride vehicle. For most of the illustrations I would work from photographs that I had taken. The drawings were always pen and ink with screened films for shading. There was no Photoshop at the time. When a drawing was completed a copy on photo paper was waxed on the back in order to stick to typeset page for photocopy. This was printing at its earliest and most basic levels.

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