Saturday, July 10, 2010

Preview Center Hostess

The Disneyland park, Paris (Euro Disneyland at the time) Preview Center had a showroom lobby that led to a theater. Within the theater was the main show – a film presentation of the coming attraction. The original design team had designed a marquee with graphics; and the doors were placed in the center of the showroom space.

This would not have been my first choice when planning the guest flow, but I was brought in to rescue the project and there was no money for structural changes – I had to work with what I had.

In order to reach this point in the room I had created a u-shaped path past displays of the various lands. This point needed to be the end of the journey but it was only half-way through the room. The problem was solved by careful placement of the overall model for Disneyland Paris.

After the theater show was over guests would leave through doors that led… you guessed it – to the gift shop. A snack bar was located just outside in a separate room. This gave the Preview Center a chance to train cast members in the three main operational divisions.

The cast members that worked at the Preview Center were the best. Each one spoke French and English and some spoke other languages as well. They were all very friendly with me and the other guests visiting.

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