Saturday, July 10, 2010

Preview Center Ticket Booth

The Disneyland park, Paris (Euro Disneyland at the time) Preview Center was in need of rescue from poor design and I was elected to save it. There was no budget to work from. The previous design group had spent the entire budget for the Preview Center. Nevertheless, changes had to be made and the costs… well, I can’t say here exactly what happened, but in the end it didn’t appear to cost anything.

In fact, without a budget I had to design very tight, adding only the most essential elements. In Paris, that included a ticket booth. The French believe that things are only worth what you pay for them. If something is free it is worthless. For this reason the Preview Center needed to sell admissions. The original design had neglected a ticket booth so a prefabricated version was supplied. The metal box in front of the Center would never do, so with a few plywood cutouts it became a Disney ticket booth.

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