Monday, July 26, 2010

The Munsters

In 1964, the Maxim Home, at Universal Studios, was greatly redesigned to act as the spooky home of Herman and Lily Munster.  The top of the tower was greatly redesigned.  And a balcony was added to the second floor window under the Dutch gable.  With its half-cocked bat-weathervane and smoke-billowing chimney the house is complete.  Just a few additions to the yard, like a dead tree and foreboding fence, really set the scene.

This image was created in SketchUp using studio drawings as reference for main details of the original Maxim home.  Many of the additional details from “The Munsters” conversion needed to be estimated from reference photos and television episodes.  Although this image focuses on only two sides of the house the model includes the other sides of the house and the garage.  The lightening strike and the logo have been added in Photoshop.

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