Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Snow White Loading Area

This is the finished show model of the load/unload area for the Snow White attraction at Disneyland park, Paris. After drawings are completed (or sometimes while drawings are still in production) a show model is created to provide the construction crews with a clear understanding for the look of the finished product.

I art directed this model and designed every element here, with the exception of the castle wall (left over from the Disneyland design). Off to the left is a podium ride operator’s control console. The console was designed to have a look similar to elements that the Dwarf’s had carved, like the organ in the cottage.

This model also shows the simplified version of the Dwarf’s cottage and it proves just how understated the cottage became in the overall design. No attempt is made to hide the fact that the trees and other elements are set flats, giving the area a pop-up book look.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful! It's a shame that this gorgeous piece of art was squeezed into a cramped castle facade ...although I do like the crazy whole! :) PS. Robert, I've sent you a short message through your website's contact-section.