Friday, July 2, 2010

Disneyland Attractions and More

When I returned to Disneyland attractions I expected to return to my 'home' land, Tomorrowland. But in addition I was also used back in my old land, Fantasyland. Only Fantasyland wasn’t so old anymore – this was the New Fantasyland. I may be the only Disney employee ever with the dubious honor of designing attractions at Imagineering and then returning to work full-time on those same attractions at Disneyland.

Of course, with my talent and expertise Disneyland management was not about to leave me pushing buttons. I was constantly used on special projects where I could put my experience to work.

Among the special projects was Disneyland Master Planning. On this project a small team consisting of Pamela Dahl, Jim Moore, and myself, supported Entertainment director Bob McTyre creating presentations for Disneyland growth. With the success of our presentations we were tapped to put together a proposal for a possible European theme park.

Our proposal ended up as a presentation book outlining a preliminary feasibility study for what would become Disneyland park, Paris. Working on this study gave me an opportunity to work with the Disneyland industrial engineers and finance department. We prepared a proposal filling a two-inch binder with planning data that covered every aspect of theme park design and operations. Although I was brought on board for my design and graphic skills, most of my time was spent developing the theme park program.

Oh, and the illustration shown here has nothing to do with our Top Secret project. It is a recent SketchUp drawing of 1955 Tomorrowland, still in progress.

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