Friday, July 2, 2010

Theme Park Maps

The full-color brochure for Disneyland park, Paris (then known as Euro Disneyland) was a hot seller. Actually it was given away to clients and potential investors in the project. The brochure proved so popular that a second printing was needed. By the time of the second printing more was known about the layout of the proposed park.

The 1986 map included New Orleans Square, but this land was considered too similar to French culture to be included. Also a plan to enclose Main Street, as it was in Tokyo Disneyland, had been dropped. The changes were significant enough that new maps were needed.

The problem was that I never really had enough time to work on the first map in my office. The first map had been a take-home project done over a weekend. The same thing happened with the second map. The maps are painting on Bristol board using watercolor and cel-vinyl paints. Each measures approximately 18 x 24 inches. Similar maps created for Disneyland in the 50s and 60s, and printed in souvenir guidebooks inspired my work.

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