Friday, July 16, 2010

Shaping Up Seuss

I had seven facades to art direct while I was in Florida working on Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure. The sculptors did a brilliant job of carving huge blocks of foam into the world of Dr. Seuss. The foam thickness varied from 2-inches to 2-feet. As the Styrofoam was shaped white beads were shed and floated about like snow. But this was Florida in the summer and, even though it looked like Christmas, this was very hot work.

Here sculptor Joe is shaping a header over a window on the Emporium retail store. Generally the talented team of six sculptors could look at the ½ -inch scale models, that we kept for them nearby in the field, and turn it into a full-scale reality. On rare occasion I tried my own hand at the work, especially when it came to wrinkles.

After the foam was carved into shape it was covered in a thin coat of plasticized concrete and fabric mesh as a weather-tight hard-coat. Then it could be textured and ready for paint.

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