Sunday, July 18, 2010

SketchUp and the Disneyland Hotel

Since completing my assignment with Universal Singapore I have continued to develop my skills as an artist by moving into the 21st Century. I have learned the three-dimensional computer-modeling program SketchUp and it is truly amazing. With this program I have eliminated the need for a model builder and illustrator to translate my work into terms most can understand.

It is just as easy for me to design in 3-D and I have greater control of the final product.

Most of the projects presented in SketchUp are exercises for my own education and to demonstrate my skills. The first examples can also be found on my Website. As interesting new creations are generated I will present them here as well.

Here is one of my earliest models, the Disneyland Hotel.

The Disneyland Hotel began a series of two story motel-like units. In 1962 the first eleven-story tower building was constructed. This building would later have an extension doubling the width and number of rooms before two more towers were built.

The SketchUp rendering is based entirely upon published dimensions and guesswork.

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