Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hanging Miniature Continued

The last two posts showed how a hanging miniature effect is achieved in filmmaking. The hanging miniature effect makes small objects appear to be part of the full-scale scene when photographed from the proper angle. These drawings were created in SketchUp to illustrate the effect.

The first image shows the miniature space rocket landed, with its miniature command module taking off for a trip back to Earth. The foreground space rocket and flying command module are actually one-quarter the size of the US Moon Station cluster. But from this perspective all modules appear to be the same scale.

The second image leaves the camera in the same position, but this time the hanging miniature and its platform have been removed. Apparently, in its place, is a full-sized space module with a door. In the 20th Century-Fox comedy, Way… Way Out, this is the space rocket that Jerry Lewis and his new bride Connie Stevens arrived in. The crew that they replaced left in the command module.

The third image shows the stage layout for creating such an effect. The US Moon Station always remained in place. The full-scale module was moved into position only after the miniature work was complete. The hanging miniature and its platform were positioned at the far end of the stage and twenty-feet above the stage floor, along with the camera. The hanging miniature was placed 60-feet away from what would appear to be its full-scale position.

These images illustrate a cinematic way to make dreams come true.

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