Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Snow White Vehicles

For Disneyland park, Paris, all of the dark rides required larger vehicles that seated more guests and the task of redesign fell to me. In the case of the Snow White vehicles the redesign was far simpler than for Peter Pan. The idea was simply to stretch the vehicle and add an extra row. However, since the sightlines had been so well improved in Peter Pan by stepping the seats it was decided to do the same here.

Because the new Snow White vehicles would have three rows it was not possible to have a 6-inch difference between each row. Instead each seat is only 3-inches higher than the one in front of it (still a great improvement).

An almost identical vehicle is used for the Pinocchio attraction with a different front panel.
The vehicle design has worked so well that it is currently being used in the Walt Disney World version of the Snow White attraction. A number of other influences from the Paris attraction can be found in the WDW attraction as well.

This photo shows a close-up portion of the loading area model for Snow White, along with the unfinished model of the ride vehicle. These kind of rough models are often used along with the show model to add a sense of scale.

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  1. So much thought that goes into these attractions that most of the slobs who visit the park don't even take into consideration.