Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seuss in 3D

My time at Universal was extended from the original 3-months and I was assigned to draft all of the rest of the buildings in the area. I worked from Wes Cook’s concept designs and filled in all of the missing information necessary to turn these 2-dimensional drawings into 3-dimensional models and buildings.

Management was pleased enough with my work, and my easy ability to communicate with others, that it was decided that I would art direct the construction of the show models. There were seven building structures in the island and they were all constructed off the studio lot at Rijn & Reisman.

This is an example of their work. Believe it or not, as organic as these models are they were carved from wood. Bondo (a putty often used in automotive body repair) was used to fill in gaps and make changes. Of course, other plastic materials were used too. Once the model was completed it was all painted in a primer gray.

After the models were done they were digitized (points on the model were found in 3-dimensions) so that computer models could be created. The architects used the computer models to add internal structure to the forms.

Once the model work was complete the project was ready to move into the field for construction and I was ready to move onto my next assignment.

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