Saturday, July 10, 2010

Preview Center Frontierland

For the Disneyland park, Paris (Euro Disneyland at the time) Preview Center I had wanted to add operational costumes on display. These costumes would add life to the exhibit and help to cut down on the hard edges. When I was assigned to rescue this project I knew that there was no budget to work from so I tried to choose things that were easily available.

Costumes were easy. Dress dummies to put the costumes on were not. Like furniture to display props upon, dress dummies are not free and they are not something that just happens to be sitting around. The manager from the wardrobe department was a friend of mine from my Disneyland days. He gave me the bad news and said that he would figure something else out. I had resigned myself to whatever they could come up with. On the last day of installation the costumes showed up – on dress dummies!

For the artwork on the walls copies of existing art were mounted on foam core board for a rimless look. Hidden frames behind the art made them stand out away from the wall by 1, 2, or 3-inches adding some interesting shadows and depth. Here in the Frontierland area the pictures showoff the interesting shadow patterns created by hidden frames behind the art.

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