Saturday, July 10, 2010

Preview Center Resorts Area

Resort hotel accommodations were an important part of the overall Disneyland Paris (then known as Euro Disneyland) package. The resorts needed to be highlighted in the Preview Center and an outside design group had been hired to cover this area as well as the entire project. Management had not been too happy with the designs and they brought me in for the Disney touch.

The original intent was considered too cold with painted glass panels and industrial metal fastenings. We also knew that the space would, at times, become quite crowded making the sharp surfaces that much more problematic.

Unfortunately the budget had been entirely spent on the original design. When I came in to fix things I had to work with what I had. We scrapped many of the glass panels, but for the resort displays we decided to keep them. This would help to differentiate the resort hotels from the theme park.

Still, the area was too cold. So I had props brought in. The area was positioned in what was really an overflow area for viewing the project model; so many guests had their backs to this area while listening to the presentation.

Nevertheless, I was surprised by the positive responses that the entire showroom, in fact that the entire Preview Center enjoyed. For me though the best compliment came from Jim Cora the president of Disneyland International and my old boss. He had been very kind to me over the years, this was my chance to repay him and he assured me that I had not let him down.

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