Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Hide Away Exterior

Another location featured in the novel is The Hide Away, a gay bar. The design of this building is based upon a bar never clearly seen in the ‘Back to the Future’ film series during the 1955 visits. The colors have been changed some. In the films a cheerful yellow and green base had been painted over the bricks of the dead-end alley. In my story the alley connects to Grand Avenue (New York Street) and the bricks are red to help the alley remain dark and foreboding.

The bar’s name is significant for a couple of reasons. First, blueprint drawings from ‘Back to the Future’ showed ‘The Hide Away’ as the name for the bar—although the sign is never clearly seen on film. The second reason is for the play on words. Hideaway should be one word when indicating a place or a location. But the action—to hide away—is what my characters are doing and they are using this location to do it in. 

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