Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mad Hatter Shop Concept

I happened to notice this illustration posted on the blog “Stuff From The Park” along with the following description:

"This is a wonderful color sketch of the Mad Hatter Hat Shop located in Fantasyland. Done as part of the 1983 redo of Fantasyland, the art depicts the side of the shop with the entrance door for the White Rabbit. I believe this piece was either done by Ken Anderson or Kim Irvine as I have seen color artwork similar to this piece by both artists. And since this is a hat shop, it really ties into my hat fetish."

I took one look at the work and I knew that the speculation was wrong. I came up with the name Bob Kurzweil and then I took a closer look to verify it to myself. I suddenly realized that the work was not that of Kursweil, it was mine! I had been influenced by Kursweil and matched his style so that our presentation would be consistent. Twenty years later and I didn’t even recognize my own work.

This blog will highlight just a fraction of the artwork that I have generated over the years.