Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jupiter 2 Upper Deck

I’ve been recently asked why I haven’t followed up on my “Lost in Space Design” book series. The sad truth is there isn’t enough interest. It took the publisher three years to sell 1,000 copies. The audience is just too small to make this labor of love profitable.

For those interested from time to time I’ll post a few images from the books that might have been. It was my intention to make a series of five books. Book One is “Lost in Space Design: No Place to Hide.” Book Two would have been “Lost in Space Design: The Reluctant Stowaway.” Each of the remaining books (Three, Four and Five) would have been dedicated to one of the three seasons.

The image here is from a SketchUp model of the Jupiter 2 upper deck. This model incorporates many of the set modifications made to convert the Gemini 12 into the Jupiter 2 spaceship. Here the new airlock, radio control center and storage room are located next to the improved master control console.


  1. When using SketchUp, are the designs of the interior components (i.e. flight console, computer, doors even) in a set of data files.. ?

  2. Nice work, I see you had to deal with the same paradoxes I had to when I did my sketchup version of this great spaceship and published a video on YouTube. The little door to the armoury hidden away behind the radio is a real mystery. Smith falls through it in episode 1 but we don't see how it opens. It can't slide like every other door like it because there is no room sandwiched between the radio and the hull. All it could do is hinge inwards at the left side, but that would be naff. You split it into two like saloon doors, which I never thought of. I cheated and stretched the wall a bit so it could slide to the left, which would look ugly with a slanted top.

  3. There is a fairly large following of LIS Fans on Facebook, spread across several groups.