Monday, November 16, 2015

Jupiter 2 Exterior

Okay, this model is really a cheat. I have used the lower section of the full-sized Jupiter 2 exterior with its landing gear as a base. The full-sized spaceship had diameter of only 43’-6”. The miniatures of the spaceship were scaled for a diameter of 48’-0”. The full-sized interior/exterior of the spaceship had a diameter of 47’-4”.

This version of the Jupiter 2 has the 47’-4” diameter of the full-sized interior/exterior.

The other cheat comes from how tall the upper deck portion is. To scale the miniatures all had an upper deck portion of 6’-0”. The same 6’-0” was on the upper deck portion of the full sized exterior spaceship. The full sized interior/exterior had sloped sides that continued up into the scaffolding of the stage. Here the upper deck is 7’-8” in order to house the spaceship upper deck interior.

Don’t ask about the lower deck.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jupiter 2 Master Control Console

This view of the master control console shows the panel as it appeared during the first season. Instead of a central control panel the closed panel could unfold into a pilots seat. This was perfect for the concept of a single pilot, but by the second season a second seat was added and the center panel became another control panel.

Here the view out the window is of Gate 115 (or, double one-five, as it was called on the second season episode “The Ghost Planet”). The gate is not exactly as seen in the episode. Design drawings indicated that the full-sized exterior spaceship was to be used outside of the Fox Lot Mill building. The location was the same location used for the third season episode “Visit to a Hostile Planet.” Here I have dressed the mill and painted it as it was intended.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jupiter 2 Interior Elevator

One of the most significant changes from the set of the Gemini 12 to the set of the Jupiter 2 was the addition of the elevator and ladder leading to the lower level. Along side of each are doors that would lead to storage compartments. In the third season the door nearest the elevator led to the Space Pod.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jupiter 2 Upper Deck

I’ve been recently asked why I haven’t followed up on my “Lost in Space Design” book series. The sad truth is there isn’t enough interest. It took the publisher three years to sell 1,000 copies. The audience is just too small to make this labor of love profitable.

For those interested from time to time I’ll post a few images from the books that might have been. It was my intention to make a series of five books. Book One is “Lost in Space Design: No Place to Hide.” Book Two would have been “Lost in Space Design: The Reluctant Stowaway.” Each of the remaining books (Three, Four and Five) would have been dedicated to one of the three seasons.

The image here is from a SketchUp model of the Jupiter 2 upper deck. This model incorporates many of the set modifications made to convert the Gemini 12 into the Jupiter 2 spaceship. Here the new airlock, radio control center and storage room are located next to the improved master control console.