Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tomorrowland Signpost

Way finding at theme parks is often overlooked today, but at Disneyland, in 1955, several signposts were located in every land.  This is an example of the Tomorrowland signpost.  All of the dimensions are estimated from photographs for this SketchUp model.  There were at least three of this similar design of signpost in Tomorrowland, and I presumed that they were all identical, with different signs pointing different directions.  My research found that the balls on top change color too.  Of the three posts that I found, one had a blue ball, one had an orange ball, and one had a yellow ball.

Today, few way finding signposts are left at Disneyland; but if you want to design your own theme park, they are a good idea if you don't want your guests to get lost.

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