Sunday, August 1, 2010


On Thursday, Google Inc. triggered a false alarm by posting a notice that its search engine had been cut off from mainland China.  China and Google have had a number of differences regarding China’s intensions to censor Internet access.  China is specifically targeting information that it considers to be subversive or pornographic.

Fortunately, Making Dreams Come True is neither of those things.  On Thursday, there was no blockage here, as 11-visitors from China took a peek at what I have to offer.  I know this because Blogger now has a wonderful Stats viewer that allows me to see who’s seeing me.

Thursday was the first day that anyone from China took a look.  I had sent a link to associates in Singapore when I first started the Blog, but they haven’t been back since.  I know that I was being considered for a project in South Korea and one viewer from that country has visited.  There was one visitor from Japan too.

There have been 16-visitors from Canada, 3 of them came on Friday.  As for my 3-visitors from the UK, they haven’t been back in weeks.  The visitor that I’m most interested in is the one from Russia.  Come on back comrade, you’re welcome here.

I now know that the majority of visitors use Safari and a Mac.  But that is probably deceiving.  Of the 463-US visitors, I account for over a hundred visits myself.  The new Stats counter just doesn’t seem to be able to screen out the account holder.

Still, this is a wonderful way to track the traffic.  Walt Disney was an expert at Making Dreams Come True.  In order to do this, he believed that one had to know one’s audience.  The Stats counter allows me to do this.  If you use Blogger check your Stats out.  Who knows who’s looking?

If you don't have a Stats link on your Dashboard page, go to this URL for help.

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