Friday, August 6, 2010

Fan 2

The first job that I had at Disneyland was as a Utility Man in Fantasyland Foods.  The first place that they sent me was Fan 2.  This fast food stand didn’t have a name on a sign.  In guidebooks it was sometimes called “Character Food Stand.”  There were of course two stands of this similar design.  Fan 1 was located near the Skyway and Dumbo, and Fan 2 stood between Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Alice in Wonderland.

Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship and Welch’s Grape Juice Bar were also part of Fantasyland Foods.  I ended up working at all four of these locations spending most of my first summer at the Pirate Ship.  Later, I would transfer into attractions and work on every attraction in Fantasyland (with the exception of Storybook Land Canal Boats).

This SketchUp rendering is based upon the appearance of the stand in 1955.  By the time that I arrived, the roof had a slightly different paintjob and a crenellated ring sat at the outside edge.  In 1955, most all of the wastebaskets in the park were simply green.  The stand got a completely new pastel paintjob just a few years before it was demolished to make way for Fantasyland ’83. 

Fan 2 was located where the Mad Hatter Shop is located today.  My first rendering for this Blog is of a concept design for the Mad Hatter Shop in this location.

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  1. How about a rendering of the Welch's Grape Juice Stand's Mural? I know...probably a pipe dream!