Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fan 1

Today I’ll complete my SketchUp Fantasyland food facilities.  I’m not in any hurry to start building the Pirate Ship restaurant.

While I worked at Disneyland in Fantasyland Foods, I only worked about two days in Fan 1.  This was the Character Food Stand nearest to the Skyway, Dumbo, and the Fantasyland Theater.  Although I only worked here a few days, I was a frequent visitor, as many cast members were.  This food stand had a service window for the exclusive use of cast members, with food at a discount.  While working in food service I got my soft drinks for free, and the food was so inexpensive I could eat lunch for under 50¢.

I’ve changed rendering styles in SketchUp for this illustration.  This style has a sort of masonite background that gives renderings a warm, loose look.  The stand is nearly identical to Fan 2, with the exception of color and paint patterns.

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