Monday, August 9, 2010

The Haunted Hotel

It occurs to me that much of my art depicts licensed properties.  There are some good reasons for that.  The most important reason is because I produce work-for-hire and as a result my clients want depictions of their licensed properties.  But most of my SketchUp work shown here is my own, and still it is from licensed properties. 

By illustrating licensed properties I don’t have to worry about my work being appropriated for use beyond promoting my talent.  One cannot publish my work without violating both my copyright and someone else’s licensing.  And a license holder is very likely to go after the culprits too.

Still, there are times when I get a chance to show-off some of my personal creativity.  The Haunted Hotel was produced for a client in the hotel industry, as office decoration for the Halloween season.  It was created in SketchUp with lightening and lighting effects added through Photoshop. 

For expediency, and fun, I’ve included some architectural details from the Munster’s house into this largely Châteauesque structure.  Although the added details are American gothic they work perfectly with this revival style, just as similar details work so well on the Châteauesque Hollywood Magic Castle nightclub.  Another fun thing about this model are the bats.  They have been placed randomly in the air and they actually work from any point of view.

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