Monday, April 6, 2015

Comfort in the Home of the 21st Century

I was really worried that my furniture might not be as comfortable as it was stylish. Was I ever wrong. The furniture is not only comfortable—it is very comfortable. The chairs and daybed all make one sit up straight and still feel comfortable doing it. It’s hard to slouch on this furniture and that is so much better for ones back and posture.

The throw pillows on the sofa and the coconut chair are from Anna’s Linens. The cushion on the fiberglass armchair is from (gasp) Kmart! I couldn’t manage to find just what I wanted anywhere else. They came in blue and an orange red. I bought six of each so that I can mix and match them into the dining room too. The fiberglass chairs are comfortable, but a cushion provides a nice accent with just a bit more comfort.

Rounding out the comfort of the room is the art on the walls. All of the pictures are from my collection and all depict my favorite things from the mid-century. Many of them depict my favorite futuristic things from the mid-century.

Over the daybed is a signed limited edition print of the Disneyland monorails for the 1959 Tomorrowland expansion. In the dining room is a signed limited edition cel of "The Jetsons" representing the title sequence of the 1962 television series. Over the Nelson cigar lamp (from Modernica) is a photograph of Herman and Lily from "The Munsters." The shot was taken during their TV Guide photo shoot in 1964 but wasn't used. Over the fiberglass armchair are John and Maureen Robinson from "Lost in Space" in an enlargement of their TV Guide cover for 1965. And finally, over the swag leg desk is a cel (hand painted by a Hanna Barbera artist) of Samantha from "Bewitched" in the title sequence originally created in 1964.

The colors just naturally go with the rest of the room since it’s all from the same era. This is the promise that “The Jetsons” gave me when I was young: I would live into the 21st century in the comfort of a futuristic home. What do you know? I made it.

P.S. I've got links to all of these retailers both here and at the bottom of the page. Start shopping and make your dreams come true.

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