Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Making More Dreams

So I haven’t been updating my blog like I should have been. I’ve been pretty busy over the last (oops) years. I can’t believe it’s been that long. And I’d like to report everything that I’ve been working on since. Unfortunately, everything I work on is Top Secret.

I’ve spent most of this time working on a project for Disney’s Shanghai Disneyland. The park has been announced so I can tell that much. That’s it. Two and a half years of work and nothing to show—until it opens. I’ve worked on projects for other big players, mostly planned for foreign countries, but again there is nothing I can tell.

So now, with a little free time, I’m posting some of my personal work. This is the stuff that I do for fun. Hidden behind the ‘Top Secret’ label is Space Station S-1. You’ll have to wait to learn more about it, but I can tell you this much—it has nothing to do with my theme park work. The foreign locations I’ve mentioned are all on this planet.

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