Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yes, We're Open

Yes, We're Open!  I'm sorry that it has been so long since I've posted anything new.  But many thanks to the thousands (yes, it has been thousands) of visitors that have come to see what I have to offer.  

My blog has helped to lead me to a new theme park project.  Like all theme park projects it is top secret and I can't report on it until there are official public announcements, or the park opens to the public, whichever comes first.  The project is keeping me unusually busy so my postings will not be daily, but I will make them as often as I can.

My last posting was a SketchUp drawing of a shop from the film, "Pleasantville."  Well this is the same shop now open for business.  And what a wonderful business this is -- it's filled with my most popular work.  Leading the way by a long shot is the map from Neverland that I created for the Paris Disneyland version of the Peter Pan attraction.  "The Munsters" house is another popular favorite, along with a plastic house of a very different sort -- the Monsanto House of the Future.  And for some reason the Tomorrowland signpost seems to attract a lot of attention.  

Please keep checking back, there will be more to see.

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  1. Now that's my kind of shop! Glad to have you back Robert. Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more of what you're working on...when you're able to reveal it of course.