Monday, June 6, 2011

Lost in Space Design

It's here.  I've written a book on Lost in Space Design, hopefully the first in a series.  The book focuses on the designs for the unaired Lost in Space pilot episode "No Place To Hide."  This is what Lost in Space was like before there was a Dr. Smith or a robot.  The book looks at the design of the pilot from a production and scientific point-of-view.  

The 80-page softbound book is fully illustrated with over 100 images.  I created all of the original art for the book using SketchUp.  Thanks to this wonderful 3-D modeling tool readers will be able to look at the spaceship and other sets from angles that vintage photos have never shown.

Publisher, Jack Hagerty, has helped to add some very interesting scientific depth to the book with an analysis of the realities of space travel.  Hagerty actually is a rocket scientist with a number of interesting books on the subject.  If you enjoy space travel be sure to look into his other works too.

Lost in Space Design: No Place To Hide is currently available on and from the Publisher.  Click on the links to order yours today. 

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  1. Well looks like my wife is going to have to put up with me getting another IA related publication for my library. Can't wait to read it!